#THOTAUDIT- A Social Harassment Campaign Aimed At The Adult Industry

#THOTAudit (ThatHoeOverThere Audit) is a social media campaign aimed at harassing and discriminating against adult entertainers.

Samantha Cole a writer from Motherboard, Vice Magazine reports,

“Many sex workers have “premium” Snapchat accounts, where they share exclusive photos and videos with people who send them money (usually through PayPal, Venmo, or a cryptocurrency.) Unless reported as income to the IRS, this income is off the books. Recently, trolls have begun harassing sex workers by saying they’re going to report them to the IRS, and many sex workers are worried that they’ll be audited.
Some of these trolls are sending follow requests to the sex workers’ paid platforms, like Snapchat or friend requests on Facebook, to access more of their information. From there, the harassers say they’re using the IRS official whistle-blower program to report them for tax fraud. ”

@MelissaSweet1_ a well known and professional cam girl has stated,

“Adult Entertainers are often treated very differently by financial institutions and society in general. I’ve heard of certain major financial institutions and merchants will freeze or close cam girls accounts without warning when they discover the client is associated within the adult entertainment industry.”

Vice Magazine reports,

“We weren’t able to confirm whether trolls are actually reporting people to the IRS, using the whistle-blower program as a threat, or just saying that they are doing these things to harass sex workers. To report someone through the whistle-blower program, you need a lot of their personal information: Physical address, full legal name, date of birth (or approximate age), and taxpayer identification number, according to the IRS’s page about the program. You also have to have to have specific information about the type of fraud being alleged as well as how much money the person being reported has earned; it’s clear from the forms and information about the program that this is generally intended for people within companies to whistle-blow about tax evasion that they have very specific knowledge of tax evasion and documents that prove it. You also have to physically mail all of this information to the IRS, because it does not accept any of this information by phone or email; one of the whistle-blower programs specifically states that anyone submitting information does so under the threat of perjury.”

Lexi Scot at the Porn Hub Awards 2018


My name is Lexi Scot. I’m the author of this article. I also happen to be an adult entertainer. I am sexually responsible, exploratory, open, nonjudgmental, evolving, and very happy. I don’t harass others because they are not sexually open or confident. It’s your decision not to be sexually open and although I choose to live my life a different way, I don’t make derogatory remarks about your lifestyle nor do I go out of my way to harass others for living a different lifestyle. Therefore, I would hope to receive the same understanding and treatment in return.

Society needs to stop making comparisons between lifestyle choices. When you compare people you are in essence, judging their differences. It’s the comparisons that lead people into believing one is better than the other. You can disagree with someone’s life choice, but still accept the person for who they are and not for the work they choose to do. What we do for a living doesn’t define us. Accept everyone for who they are and not for who you think they should be.

In closing, there isn’t anything wrong with sex between consenting adults. It’s a natural part of humanity. Every time someone calls an openly sexual woman a “slut” or a “whore,” in a derogatory way you’re teaching the next generations that sexuality is wrong. Every time someone is judged for having sex or being sexual, we’re contributing to the false belief that a very natural and necessary part of humanity is shameful. There is nothing

Please help to stop the #THOTAUDIT campaign by sharing this blog and raising awareness about the stigma of the sex industry. #SexisNatural

#THOTAUDIT (That Hoe Over There Audit) is actually (That’s Harassment Over There Audit) any form of harassment is unacceptable by law in most states.



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