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First Brothel Owner To Accept Bitcoin, Dennis Hof, Has Died At 72

Dennis Hof, a trailblazer as the first brothel owner to start accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment, was found dead at his Love Ranch brothel on Tuesday morning, October 16th.

Coinbase Now Has ERC-20 Token Support

Coinbase has started listing ERC-20 on its Platform. This is the first time Coinbase has added support for an ERC-20 Token. Coinbase announced that they have started accepting ZRX deposits on the Coinbase Pro Platform.

Lets Give A Shout Out For Coming Out!

Imagine a world where being heterosexual was considered wrong. In this world, society treated you differently because of your attraction to the opposite sex.

Accepting All

My partner and I are what people refer to as an "open couple." We like sexual exploration. We seek out new and exciting sexual adventures together with other open-minded people. As a sexually open woman with multiple partners at times, does this earn me the label of a whore? Or a slut?

Additionally, we both like to experience men and women sexually. Does that qualify us as gay, bisexual, bi-curious, straight, confused?

Sex In The Football Locker Room

The majority of men place sex and football high up on their "Can't Live Without" List. So, it may not come as no surprise, that when you get a group of hot, fit, filthy men in a locker room they're going to talk about more than just football. I had the unique experience of listening to some of the pro's conversations after practice. I must warn you, what you're about to read is highly sexual in nature. This is what I heard...

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