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Nocoiner — A New Coined Crypto Term

Do you know what a nocoiner is? You may be surprised...

Bitcoin Market Poised For Bull Reversal

The Bitcoin Market seems poised for a Bull Reversal. Horns up! According to Bloomberg, "The long-term trend lines in Bitcoin’s Directional Movement Index (DMI) shows it entered a new bullish phase.

Blockchain and Ledger Join Forces to Create Hardware Wallet, Lockbox.

Blockchain has joined forces with Ledger to create a hardware wallet, called Lockbox. This hardware wallet is designed to stand out from the typical hardware wallet with its unique features and focus on security.

5 Industry Expert’s Latest Cryptocurrency Predictions

How much longer will we see a bear market? Will Bitcoin ever rise above $20,000 again? Top industry experts use their past experience to predict the future of the cryptomarket. 

10 Facts About ChangPeng Zhao (CZ Binance) You Probably Didn’t Know

Changpeng Zhao, also known as CZ, is the Ceo and Founder of Binance. He has accomplished in a year, what most people may never do in a lifetime. Check out these interesting facts about him!

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