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New York Wants Crypto Miners

The state of New York has approved a new set of utility rates with hopes of enticing crypto miners to relocate. The New York Public Service Commission stresses that the new rules will protect existing electricity consumers while encouraging new companies to transfer to the area. Crypto miners will be able to take advantage of low electricity prices, as well as negotiate new contracts with their utility suppliers. Utility companies can review the energy demands of miners individually, to create suitable agreements that benefit the cryptocurrency mining facilities.

Behind the Scenes of the Stroken Platform will be a platform that combines the excitements of the adult industry with the safeguarded payment power of cryptocurrency, giving our users the experience of a lifetime. will introduce a fully customizable kink targeted platform that allows our users to sit in the director’s chair, with the abilities to request their own custom content from their desired performers with any conditions, through the bounty system. The bounty system allows all of our dirty minds to come together with the webs sexiest performers to crowdfund custom porn, on demand. The best part of the bounty system: Both the brains and the booty behind the bounty gets a piece of the pie with the option to exchange their cryptocurrency earned through our platform or use it to fund more fantasy filled bounties.

Making the Crypto World More Diverse

For hundreds of years, male dominance has been the norm across every industry, but times are changing in an exciting way. Currently, 91% of all crypto users in the world are men, according to Coin Dance, a community for those interested in bitcoin. But the world as we know it and so is the female involvement in crypto. The increase of women in cryptocurrency is mimicking the bigger picture of equality we rightfully see across all industries.

Blockchain Saves the Day Against Crime and Hackers

The Russian Federation defense ministry is setting up a blockchain laboratory with the goal to enhance cybersecurity and fight cyber assaults. Their army will use blockchain technologies to track the origin of hack attacks and improve overall security. Blockchain technology is known for its innovativeness and can be successful for both business and the army applications.

What the HODL??

Cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and many more have taken over the news for the last few years. What many people don’t know is that there is a rich vocabulary in the world of digital currencies. And it can be exacerbating to beginners. Forums and subreddits are littered with terminology that baffles newbies. What are ‘whales’ if not massive water-dwelling mammals? What does ‘HODL’ actually mean?

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